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We are a professional Real Estate and Home Inspection company serving Tallahassee and the Big Bend. Whether you’re buying, selling or just interested in knowing the condition of your home, our team can help you through this process, protecting your current and future investments.

Home Inspection using Infrared CameraAccurately assessing property conditions is a critical step in the real estate transaction process, and having a thorough home inspection will help you make informed decisions with confidence. Whether it’s a professional home inspection or one of the other inspection services from Tallahassee Real Estate Inspections (InspectTally.com) we will give you a comprehensive and unbiased assessment of your property, preparing you for whatever your future may hold. This assessment will be delivered to you in a comprehensive, easy-to-read inspection report. Our top of the line software allows you to view your inspection anywhere, anytime, using your computer, smart phone or tablet.

To better understand why we’re so confident we can provide you outstanding customer service, attention to detail and results you can trust, please take a minute to learn more about us by exploring our website or contact us anytime.

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Inspection Services Offered

At Tallahassee Real Estate Inspections, LLC, we offer a wide range of home inspection services that give us the ability to custom tailor our services to your specific needs. Chances are if you’re in need of some kind of inspection service, you’re already a little apprehensive about the results, and that’s understandable – but we’re here to help you. Working with the right people allows you to accurately assess the situation and, when needed, work toward real world solutions.

Understanding the cause and symptoms of an issue can be more important than just fixing it. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” is something that our 27+ combined years of owning and managing rental property has proven time and time again.

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Thermal image of slab leak discovered during a home inspection

With thermal imaging a hot water slab leak is detectable long before its visible

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