Common Toilet Installation Issues

Quite often while performing home inspections in Tallahassee, Quincy, Crawfordville or Monticello I come across bathrooms that have toilets that are either loose or not properly caulked to the floor, or both. The first issue can sometimes be a simple fix or the sign...

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Defects found with Plumbing Boots

An important step in the roof inspection process during a home inspection or four point inspection is to check all roof penetrations and inspect the condition and installation of its flashing materials. The most common flashing material for this application is often...

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Weather Stripping

I’m sure we all remember being told by our parents as kids to, “Shut the door! You’re letting in/out the _________!” Where the blank could stand for cold air, warm air, pests, moisture, dust, etc. Most people assume because you shut a door it will stop all the above,...

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Water Pressure in your Home

We, as your Tallahassee Home Inspectors, know how important the plumbing system is to your home, and always inspect the different components that comprise it. One of the things most people take for granted is readily available potable water in our homes. This water is...

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