Four Point Inspections

Four point inspections focus on only four areas of interest in a home and describes the condition, material and age of the following elements:

• HVAC – Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
• Electrical – Wiring and Panels
• Plumbing – Connections and Fixtures
• Roof – Material and Age

Generally speaking, the only time you will be asked for a four point inspection is by an insurance company. Companies may require a four point inspection if your home is older (20+ yrs) or if you are trying to get a new policy or a better insurance rate. This type of inspection will give the insurer a quick overview of the property that the policy will cover. As state certified home inspectors, we are also qualified four point inspectors.

Four Point inspections are similar to a full home inspection on the points it covers only, but bears little resemblance otherwise and is done in a fraction of the time. A true home inspection is conducted to minimum state regulated standards which looks at a much more expansive list of components  (Please see “Home Inspection” on our services page for more info).

Please be aware a 4-point inspection will NOT satisfy the clause for a buyer in a sales contract for a home purchase allowing for a release due to an inspection. Conversely, an insurance company will not accept a home inspection for insurance purposes. Make sure you are getting the correct inspection; buyers and lenders want much more information about the home they are purchasing or financing then an insurance company needs or wants to write a policy. We suggest contacting your insurance company before a home inspection to verify if you will need a four point inspection or not.

Below are some pictures of what you will likely see in a four point inspection.

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