If you are buying or already own a home that’s over 30 years of age in Tallahassee, chances are, you’ll need the services of a four point inspector.  As we discuss on our four point inspection service page, this type of inspection only focuses on 4 main components of a home.  These reports are done at the request of your insurance company to determine insurability of the home. The job of a four point inspector is to document the age, condition and style of the materials for the four components covered. Each insurer has their own standards and guidelines and they decide what is acceptable, including the form the report is submitted on. Our standard four point inspection form, which is Citizen’s Four Point Inspection Form, is accepted by the majority of insurers and is commonly used. Their guidelines can also change with time, so what may have been accepted by an insurance company several years ago, may not be today. Oftentimes we do the four point at the same time we do a home inspection. We’re always asked at the end, “does it pass?”, and unfortunately that’s not up to the inspector.

Typically there are three general outcomes to expect from a four point inspection once it’s been submitted; 1. The Insurance company accepts the report and the home as-is and will issue the policy, 2. The Insurance company agrees to provide coverage, but puts stipulations in the policy that certain conditions must be corrected within 30 days of binding. If this is the case, we recommend to our clients they get detailed invoices from the licensed contractors handling the repairs to submit as proof. And 3. The Insurance company will not provide coverage. Just because you’re denied by one company doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be denied by all companies, this is where having a good insurance agent who knows the market and can shop will be a great benefit to you.  So please, try to remember, your four point inspector is just the messenger!

Four point inspector accessing electrical panel.

All four point inspectors must also document the exterior and interior of the main electrical panel.


Tallahassee Four Point Inspector

All four point inspectors must document roof condition and material and estimate remaining useful life.

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